~ Restoration ~

These first few pictures are how we first saw Casal do Chamusqueiro. The pictures were those in the ERA advert. It was love at first sight.

We took these photos when we visited the place after we had purchased it. We thought that a good sweep, a few holes filled and a lick of paint would be enough to make it habitable. Pwahahahah!

Some video of the most habitable building.

The pictures in this section were all taken by Mario and sent to us to show us the work he undertook to tackle the tick infestation. It was sad to see all the herbs and self-planted shrubs and trees away but things will regrow. Hopefully, all the ticks have gone and will stay gone (late July-early August, 2013).

Early work inside included removing the rotten floorboards. Having a closer look at the internal walls to be removed, and the ceiling and roof resulted in bad news - they were badly rotten.

Eduardo sources us a BIG stove.

So the ceiling and roof is removed. It starts to look rather frightening.

Deliveries of wood for the roof and the roof tiles arrive and work on the new roof begins.

Installation of the new doors and windows marked a big step forward. Then it was back inside for the internal work to begin. The floors need to be excavated to bury all the pipes and cables.

Once the painting started it was amazing how different things started to look. The bathroom tiles look great.

A couple of weeks later and, suddenly, everything seems to be moving fast. The skirting tiles and ceiling edges made things look finished and the bathroom now looks like one. The kitchen cabinet doors are temporary but its great to see the cooker in place and the old chimney place repaired. One of the nicest pictures is of the old doors which have been patched up, cleaned, stained and varnished - they are one of the few original features we have left so they are precious.