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Praia D'El Rey

The Praia D'El Rey golf course has achieved an important status amongst Portuguese golf courses due to its fascinating landscape. Designed by the American architect Cabell B. Robinson, the Praia D'El Rey course has the characteristics of an authentic "links". It unfurls itself mainly along a cliff looking over the Atlantic Ocean, allowing for views of unique beauty over the sea, dunes, lakes and the pine forest that dominates the local landscape. It is located near the medieval village of Óbidos and adjacent to the nature reserve at Berlengas Island. The course is a Par 72 (6,467 metres) and carefully respects the natural terrain. Especially over the last nine holes the player is able to enjoy some of the most attractive landscapes and challenging golfing situations.

(Text provided by the Portuguese Tourist Office.) Click here to link to Praia D'El Rey's website

Golf do Mar, Vimeiro

Well known for the excellent condition in which its nine holes are kept, Vimeiro golf course is situated on the banks of the Alcabrichel River close to the Atlantic coast. Set in a region famous its hot springs and in which agriculture and vineyards are the predominant force in the local economy, Vimeiro has a nine hole course that unfurls itself between cliffs and offers panoramic views over the sea to one side, while inland it looks over hills and woods. Frank Pennink designed it to run along the banks of the Alcabrichel river, which divides the course into two parts. Vimeiro is not a long course but is famous for the quality of its green. It is, however, a difficult course; its fairways are narrow and there is little margin for error. A good example of the demands the course puts on players is the first hole. Just a few metres from the Hotel's entrance it affords a general view over the course: with the river to the right of the fairway and an out-of-bounds area on the opposite side, the golfer has to lay accurately right from the very start of the game.

(Text provided by the Portuguese Tourist Office.) Click here to link to Golf do Mar's website

Golden Eagle, Rio Maior

The Golden Eagle is one of the most exclusive golf courses in Portugal. Its design is typical of the modern U.S. school and it is immaculately maintained. Situated near Rio Maior, some 60 kilometres from Lisboa, the Golden Eagle Golf & Country Club is one of the newest jewels of Portuguese golf. Formerly access was restricted to members and their guests, but since August 1997 it is open to visitors. Designed by the U.S. architect Rocky Roquemore, the course covers 90 hectares, and is framed by a landscape in which beautiful local flora and gentle pines, decorative eucalyptuses and acacias all stand out. Its design is typical of the modern U.S. school, which means target golf is the most important point. The course totals 6,200 metres of championship tees for a Par 72 (37+35).

(Text provided by the Portuguese Tourist Office.) Click here to link to the Golden Eagle's website.

Botado, Peniche

Located near the Consolacao beach in Peniche, the golf course of the Botado Tourist Centre is a good option for golf players in the centre west region. It has not been too difficult to transform a location of such natural beauty into a pleasant nine hole course. Built near the dunes of Consolacao beach, the course, with its six lakes and big bunkers runs parallel to the beach for two and a half kilometres. There are plans to build nine more holes, though the existing nine holes, however, have different setting off tees, which means a second round, quite different from the first, can already be played. It is truly worth a game overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Consolacao Fort, Peniche, Cape Carvoeiro and Berlengas. The fact that the course has been built around a juniper grove adds to its unusual beauty.

(Text provided by the Portuguese Tourist Office.) Click here to link to Botado's website.

Bom Successo, Obidos

An 18-hole Championship Golf course stretches along the length of the resort shaping the housing centres, and the other leisure facilities. The golf course, designed by the world-renowned architect Donald Steel is projected to be open in the Spring of 2008. It was constructed by Nigel Ely, currently the Chairman of the British Association of Golf Course Constructors, a fact which offers guarantees of flawless quality at an international level, in line with the rest of the resort. It is a PAR 72 golf course with an area exceeding 600 thousand sqm; the first nine holes are played on a level part of the terrain while the second nine are located on uneven terrain, and are therefore quite spectacular.

(Text taken from Bom Successo's promotional material. Office.) Click here to link to Bom Sucesso's website.